Sustainable Meeting Ideas

Sustainable Meeting Ideas

by Terri Yanke

Sustainable Meetings are an increasing trend.  If this fits with the purpose of your meeting or your company’s objectives there are several ways that you can work to make your meetings more sustainable.

  • Choose Destinations and Venues that lend themselves to be the place of a sustainable meeting:
    • Rainforest
    • Natural Wonders
    • Former Plantations
    • Animal Sanctuaries
    • Nature Preserves
    • Green Rooftops
    • Cities with bike share programs
    • Venues that have been certified for environmentally sustainable events
  • Meeting Tips to have a more sustainable meeting:
    • Access meeting materials digitally
    • If printing material is needed – print on both sides of the paper
    • Have recycling bins available and easily accessible
    • Distribute refillable water bottles to attendees and have water available (fruit or vegetable infused water is a nice touch)
    • Use food service vendors who buy locally grown and use antibiotic & hormone free ingredients
    • Donate excess food to charitable organizations
    • Donate used meeting materials (pens, notepads…)
    • Stay within walking distance from hotel for meetings and activities
  • Meeting Activities that lend themselves to a sustainable meeting and can also be great for team building:
    • Spa that uses only products from idigenous plants and resources
    • Forest Bathing – taking in a forest through your senses
    • Hiking
    • Zip lining
    • Kayaking
    • Snorkeling
    • Snow shoeing
    • Help a community to clean up
    • Help a community by building something

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